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Photography by Steven is one of the best photography services found by amazing talents. We are a bunch of people who can freeze moments and make them timeless.

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To Understand What Our Lives Mean To Us

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We have worked with some of the biggest names in various industries for commercial photography.

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Mother Nature has a lot to offer. Day in and day out it never misses to treat our eyes and mesmerize our minds.

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Tips for Photography

  1. Consider using a tripod-

Try purchasing a tripod, if you have shaky hands and not comfortable while clicking photos. A tripod helps you get more stability while clicking pictures and it is best used for the timer option.

  1. Make use of the free resources you learn about photography-

Try browsing through the website on photography that is available on the internet.

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  1. Do not always check for the best subjects for photography-

You may not always see interesting subject to take pictures in the places you visit, but try to take good pictures by looking at the surrounding with fresh eyes and creativity. You can take interesting photos such as the flowers in your backyard with a touch of sunlight.

  1. Always keep your camera with you all the time while traveling-

Getting a proper view for a picture can be instant, so always be ready with a camera and a tripod if you want to click stunning views that come your way. If you are using your phone as a camera then take note of the places you visited, so you can come back to take pictures with a regular camera.

  1. Make a list of shots-

There are times you do not carry your camera around, so make sure to carry a notebook to write down these places where you can come back to take pictures. You can write down facts such as the lighting of the place, the best time to come whether morning or night, etc. in your notebook.


  1. Do not buy the most expensive equipment right away-

It is true to get a very nice picture with a camera and is not so expensive. The more photos you take with your camera, the better you will know what kind of camera you should purchase in the future.

  1. Ensure you enjoy learning photography-

The most amazing part of photography is that you will stop learning from photos to photos. There are a lot of objects surrounding you with different aspects like the lighting, time, color that will keep changing and help you to learn in your journey through photography.

  1. Take photos on a regular basis-

If you want to be better at photography take pictures of something every day. If it is not possible then make sure you make time to practice photography regularly, so you will not forget what you have learned.

  1. Experiment with your camera setting for better pictures-

Your methods of taking photos can be more flexible and powerful than you know it. Read the manuals given to you about your camera and make use of all of all the features, settings, symbols on your camera. As you continue taking photos, you can learn how to to make use of these symbols and take spectacular photos. You can also mix the features to get beautiful photos of your environment.

  1. Learn the basic rules of photography-

There is a great deal of information given in photography online, and it is a lot to take. Try taking advice from experienced photographers and learn about their techniques in photography. Ensure you know the basic rules of photography before entering into a photographic journey.

Top Cameras in the World

  1. Nikon D7500

The Nikon DF7500 has an excellent 20.9MP sensor, a powerful 51-point AF system. The camera has only one SD card slot and even a view that focuses slow. It is cheaper than the D500, and it does not offer the same pro-spec performance. The Nikon D7500 has the same excellent 20.9 MP sensor but more compact and even has an affordable body than others. The camera may not have the 153-point AF system like the D500 but has a lot of rival systems in its shade. Some of the specs of the camera include a tilt-angle touchscreen display, 4k video capture, and 8fps burst shooting – it’s an amazing piece of camera. If you’re lacking funds to purchase this great piece a pro advice could be to visit Barbados Casino and spin some slots. Who knows? You might be lucky!


  1. Canon EOS 80D


This camera has fast autofocus and even polished handling with a 4K video option. The camera is Canon’s best high-end enthusiast DSLR, and even though the camera is a bit pricey, it is still worth the buy.  The camera’s feature includes a fast and effective 45-point autofocusing program and even a Dual Pixel CMOS AF system for live view shooting. The camera also has a high-end 24.2MP sensor that enables the camera to capture a well-detailed image while keeping the noise under control.  Overall the Canon EOS 80D packs a decent performance for photographers.

  1. Nikon D850


The Nikon D850 comes with excellent performance and over the Top-end quality image with slow Live View AF speed and also SnapBridge connectivity. It is the ultimate DSLR right now with huge 45.4 MP sensor which delivers the images with an amazing detail and noise performance, while the sophisticated 153-point AF is taken from Nikon’s Flagship D5. The camera is pricey but worth the buy.

  1. Nikon D500

The Nikon D500 comes with Stunning 173-point AF system and a Rugged, metal body which is relatively a low pixel count. The Video option is still limited Nikon and has taken their flagship D5 DSLR. The camera’s high-end features are amazing and distilled all of this into a smaller, but durable, metal body. A 20.9MP APS-C replaces the full-frame sensor of the camera sized chip, which means that the D500 can shoot pictures at a rapid 10fps and also with the high ISO performance way better than before.

  1. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

canon mark

This camera comes with a Stunning performance and Advanced AF system but it is Expensive compared to its rivals and even has 4K video options which were limited to Canon’s EOS 5D series of cameras in its rich heritage. The original EOS 5D camera bought in full-frame photography to the people, the Mark II category of the camera unleashed a Full HD video capture for the first time on a DSLR, and the Mark III became the firms favorite amongst photographers.

Digital Photography Tips

Here are a few tips that will help improve your photography skills whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

1.     The Exposure Triangle

There are three things that you must master in order to good photos that are technically affluent; the shutter speed, ISO and aperture. These three elements complement each other, and hence, you need to grasp how each factor influences the other. By simply changing one of the parameters, you’ll have to keep in mind at least one of the other settings in order to get the results that you’d like. Although all the three settings are kept in check while you put the camera in auto mode, it still won’t give you the pictures that you want. The best way to do achieve is to either put your camera in aperture or shutter priority and eventually, switch to manual mode as you gain experience.Exposure

2.     The Rule of Thirds

In order to capture images that are pleasing to the eye, one of the most effective techniques that you can employ is the rule of thirds. It especially builds on the wow factor if you’re looking to build on specifically that. In order to employ this rule, all you have to do is to imagine a set of four lines where two of those lines are lying in a horizontal position, equally space and the other two lines lying in a vertical position, equally spaced of course, such that the image is divided into 9 equal squares. Place the subject of your photograph in the intersecting point of the lines, or you can focus on the middle most box, as you please.

3.     Depth Perception

Landscape photography is one area where you need to create a sense of depth. In order to do this, use a wide-angle lens and set the aperture less than f/16. This is done so that the background as well as the foreground as sharp as possible. To emphasize the depth, you can place an object or yourself in the shot so that the scale can be easily perceived. Make sure that you are using a tripod since the small aperture would demand a slower shutter speed.


4.     Backgrounds

What you decide to include in the shot matters a lot since a barrage of objects can often create a messy photograph. To do this, make sure that you are decided on what you want in your shot. Having a plain or simple background that is made out of neutral colors can help the viewer focus on what is important.

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I had a great experience with these guys. I hired them for a product shoot. They were really amazing. They are really talented and can exceed your expectations.

- Adam B. Malick

Photography by Steven is amazing. My friend suggested them for a portfolio. They were very professional. And they delivered the photos on the promised date.

- Jame L. Flower